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carpet removal nj
nj carpet removal

carpet removal NEW JERSEY 

East Coast Junk Removal - NJ provides carpet removal services! We are the go-to company for carpet removal in new jersey! We will remove, dispose and recycle your carpeting leaving you with a nice clean floor ready for whatever project you have for it next! Carpets are easy to recycle so let us handle them for you instead of throwing them in your garbage! We always seek to be environmentally friendly! We treat our customers like family and always leave them with a smile on their faces! Our customers matter to us! Let the professionals handle it! We have fair and competitive rates because we are a small family owned company. We are cheaper than the "big" guys! And of course we also offer many other NJ Junk Removal Services! Just check out our servies page here! Give us a call today at 551-587-8499

carpet removal nj
  • Area Rug Disposal NJ

  • Old Carpeting Removal NJ

  • Floor Covering Removal NJ

  • Wool Carpeting Removal NJ

  • Throw Rug Disposal NJ

  • Stain Resistant Carpet Removal NJ

  • Loop or Loop Cut Carpet Removal NJ

  • Nylon Carpet Removal NJ

  • Polyester Carpet Removal NJ

  • Olefin Carpeting Removal NJ

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