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E-Waste Removal NJ
E-Waste Removal NJ

East Coast Junk Removal NJ knows there can be a lot of confusion when it comes to getting rid of electronics. Did you know that over 50% of what is in landfills is some sort of E-Waste? All of that stuff can be properly disposed of by professionals instead of sitting in a land fill killing our environment! We are professional junk haulers and know how to properly and safely remove and recycle televisions, computers, printers, fax machines, cell phones and much more! We are here for all your NJ Junk Removal needs! We are a small family owned company so our overhead is very low that means that you get the best prices we can give! We are always cheaper than the "big guys". We promise no hidden fees and always strive to treat our customers like family. We always provide a 5 star experience! You can always check out our list of other services here! Give us a call today at 551-587-8499

NJ Junk Removal

Need old TV Removal? That is no problem at all for East Coast Junk Removal! We are here for all your NJ Junk Removal needs! We are the best junk removal service near you!

  • CD Player Removal NJ
  • Cell Phone Disposal NJ
  • Computer Removal NJ
  • Computer Monitor Disposal NJ
  • DVD Player Disposal NJ
  • Fax Machine Removal NJ
  • Monitor Disposal NJ
  • Printer Disposal NJ
  • Stereo Removal NJ
  • Television Removal NJ
  • VCR Removal NJ
  • Mobile Devices Disposal NJ


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