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Exercise Equipment removal and disposal - New Jersey

East Coast Junk Removal - NJ knows bulky gym equipment can take up unnecessary space and can be a real pain to get rid. It is heavy, large and you can't be sure the garbage men will take it. If you have weights or dumbbells to get rid that can be quite the clean out job for the average person and they are way too heavy for the regular garbage men to take. So let us help you New Jersey! We want to help you get your space back and get your junk out! We strive to donate and recycle any items from our clean outs that we possibly can so you will know that your gym equipment won't be lying in a landfill killing the environment. We will make sure it gets put to good use in a environmentally friendly way. We have fair and competitive rates because we are a small family owned company. We are cheaper than the "big" guys! Give us a call today at 551-587-8499

  • Free Weight Removal NJ

  • Kettle Bell Removal NJ

  • Weight Plate Removal NJ 

  • Elliptical Trainer Removal NJ

  • Stair-Stepper Removal NJ

  • Treadmill Removal NJ

  • Stationary Bike Removal - NJ

  • Gym mats, bags or pad Removal - NJ

  • Resistance Band Removal - NJ

  • Barbell & Dumbbell Removal - NJ

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