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Mattress Removal NJ
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East Coast Junk Removal - NJ knows the hassle of getting rid of a mattress or box spring. If you are looking for Mattress removal near you East Coast Junk Removal is just the company to call! That is why we are here to help New Jersey with their mattress removal and disposal needs. We service many locations in NJ just check out our locations page here! Many parts of a mattress and box spring can be recycled. Don't leave it for the garbage collectors to take so it can just sit in a landfill. Have us take it to a recycling center and help the environment! 

How do you know its time a new mattress? Here are a few signs its time for a new mattress.
1.The mattress is over 8 years old.
2.It creaks when you move around on it.
3.The mattress sags in the middle.
4.Your back hurts when you wake up in the morning.
5. You wake up feeling sick or stuffy because of dust or allergies.

If you are ready for a new mattress give us a call NJ! Let us take that old one away! We are a affordable, family owned junk removal company and we take a lot of pride in our work and our customer service. We promise no hidden fees and we are always 100% honest. If you are looking for other Junk Removal Services Near you check out our services page here. We pretty much do it all here at East Coast Junk Removal. Book Today at 551-587-8499

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  • Futon Removal NJ

  • Foam Mattress Removal NJ

  • Box Spring Removal NJ

  • Old Cushion Removal NJ

  • Memory Foam Mattress Removal NJ

  • Platform Bed Removal NJ

  • Mattress Foundation Removal NJ

  • Adjustable Base Mattress Removal NJ

  • Latex Mattress Removal NJ

  • Water or Air Bed Removal NJ

  • Gel and Pillow Mattress Topper Removal NJ

mattress and box spring REMOVAL and disposal NEW JERSEY 

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