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shed cleanout service
shed removal service

Shed Removal and clean outs  New Jersey

East Coast Junk Removal - NJ not only offers clean out services to New Jersey but we also offer small demolition services. We are a professional junk removal service with great prices and excellent customer service! So that means not only will we clean out your shed but we can take it down for you if you like! We will demolish the shed and clean up the area in no time leaving you with some extra space! If it is just a shed clean out you are looking for we do that too! We are professional junk removers who know where tricky waste needs to go. Anything that can be donated or recycled will be because being environmentally friendly is very important to us! Not only do we provide shed removal services and shed cleanout services we also provide playground removal, playhouse removal, garage cleanout services, deck removal services and much more! We area small family owned company and we keep our overhead small and keep advertising free so that we can give you the best possible prices! We not only want to provide you want amazing junk removal services but also provide you with amazing customer service. Give us a call today at 551-587-8499

  • We donate and recycle as many items as we can during the clean out!

  • We are professional and customer focused. We pride ourselves on making YOU happy!

  • Get your shed taken down and get the debris removed all from one company instead of hiring multiple services for the job!

  • Fair and competitive rates! Cheaper than the "big" guys.

  • Quick and easy online booking! We get back to you quick!

  • We take it all! Rubber, metal, junk, heavy furniture, electronics, whatever is in there we can get rid of!

  • 5 star shed cleanout services

  • AMAZING NJ shed removal services

Want to get started on that she-shed? let us help you clean out your shed today!
shed removal service nj

Why choose us

Because quite simply we are the best junk removal service near you! If you are seeking high quality, cheap local junk removal services we are the company you are looking for! We are eco-friendly, family owned and offer same day services! We promote responsible disposal of furniture, electronics, harmful wastes and other hard to get rid of items. We do all the heavy lifting for you so that you can just sit back, relax and let us get rid of your junk! We donate as many of your unwanted items as we can. We always strive to reuse and recycle. We are honest, dependable and treat all our customers like family. Choose us for your NJ Junk Removal needs.

Shed cleaning and

maintenance tips

1.Frequently get rid of dust and cobwebs that tend to be in the corners of windows and doors. If you always keep an eye on this it won't build up over time, checking one a month and giving those windows and doors a quick clean is the perfect way to keep your shed maintained and clean!

2.Sweep that floor! Just because your shed is technically outside doesn't mean it doesn't deserve the same love that your regular house gets. Keeping the floors clean will help keep that shed beautiful for longer. The better you maintain your shed the longer it will last. And the longer it lasts the more money you save. That is ALWAYS important right?

3. Organize all your stuff into 4 piles: keep, donate, sell and toss. Try taking using old boxes to help you separate the items. East Coast Junk Removal suggests trying to donate, recycle and sell as many items as you possibly can so that your garbage do

4. Wipe EVERYTHING down. One thing we can suggest as a professional junk removal service is that you should routinely wipe everything down that you have outside. Lots of stuff gets dust, mold, dirt and all sorts of gross stuff on it so wipe that shed down and leave it sparkling clean. It will make you happier trust us! We are the shed cleanout professionals!

5. As always at East Coast Junk Removal we suggest have fun in the process. Turn up the music, invite some friends and family to help and enjoy yourself! Remember cleaning and organizing can be fun as long as you make it fun!

Fair & 
Competitive Rates!

OPEN 24/7

Curbside  Pick Up Available!

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