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Storage unit moving services
online booking - flat rates

East Coast Junk Removal provides professional Junk Removal services to many parts of New Jersey. One of our many junk removal services that we provide is storage unit moving services. Whether you have stuff to move INTO the storage unit or you are moving thing OUT of the storage unit East Coast Junk Removal is here to help! We offer a flat rate for our services. $200 for a half truck load and $375 for a full truck load. We promise no hidden fees ever and we also promise amazing customer service. We love providing NJ with 5 star junk removal services.

how it works:

1. Book online below, you can choose your time and date of service and even pay ahead of time online (although don't worry we have cash option! Payment is NOT required to book the service). If you don't like the idea of online booking you can receive the same prices and services by calling or texting 551-587-8499.
2. We will come to where ever you ask us, haul your stuff and meet you at your desired location to drop off your stuff. We can either go from the storage unit to a desired location or from a location and to the storage unit. The choice is yours!
3. No need to worry about renting a truck or heavy lifting we will have it all handled for you!
4. We do not take asbestos, medical waste or biohazard materials.