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Playground Removal NJ
Swingset Removal NJ

Playground and swing Set removal New Jersey

East Coast Junk Removal - NJ will take away all your playground equipment or old swing sets! Are you looking to get that old playground or swing set taken down? East Coast Junk Removal NJ can help you with all your junk removal needs! We provide small demolitions as well as junk removal so we have the ability to take down AND take away your old playground junk. We also do yard waste removal and all around backyard clean outs if you need more than just a playground taken away! From wooden playgrounds to plastic swings we will take it all. We will disassemble the playground or swing set and take it right away. Doing all the heavy lifting and hard stuff for you! We even do NJ trampoline removal. We always strive to be environmentally friendly so we donate and recycle as much of our junk hauls that we possibly can. We have fair and competitive rates because we are a small family owned company. We are more affordable than the "big" guys! Give us a call  for the affordable eco-friendly solution to all your junk removal needs at 551-587-8499

  • Wood Swing Set Removal NJ

  • Metal Swing Set Removal NJ

  • Outdoor Playset Removal NJ

  • Playground Slide Removal NJ

  • Trampoline Removal NJ

  • Jungle Gym Removal NJ

  • Crawl Tube Removal NJ

  • Balance Beam Removal NJ

  • Merry-Go-Round Removal NJ

  • Bicycle Removal NJ

  • Sandbox Removal NJ

  • Playhouse Removal NJ

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