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Autumn Foliage
Bark and Woodchip

East Coast Junk Removal - NJ knows everyone loves a clean yard! That is why we love to help with yard waste removal and disposal. What is yard waste? Yard waste is also known as "green waste" or "biological waste" is is anything left over from landscaping or gardening. We also take tree trunks and parts of a tree you may have cut down. If you are doing some heavy landscaping there can be a lot of waste that adds up. It can be heavy and sometimes hard to get rid of. That is why it is best to hire a junk removal professional to help you out! Whether its bushes, leaves or twigs we are here to help you out New Jersey!

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  • Leave Removal - NJ

  • Grass Clipping Disposal - NJ

  • Twig Removal - NJ

  • Mulch Removal - NJ

  • Yard Debris Removal - NJ

  • Shrub Disposal - NJ

  • Tree Truck Disposal - NJ

  • Holiday Tree Disposal - NJ

  • Biological Waste Removal - NJ

  • Hedge Trimmings Removal - NJ

  • Weed & Plant Disposal - NJ

yard waste removal and disposal - NEW JERSEY 

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